Dear Diary

2 Jan




I was just in LA with all that I am in Mississippi and it’s raining HARD…oh and there’s a tornado

WOW, I saw parts of a shed everywhere, and a trailer tilted on the ground..ummm and there was NO ELECTRICITY AT ALL. For seems like FOR EVERRRRR.

Anyways…I do love it here. Somewhere I can grow.

Money I’ve made in the industry goes back into it. And now I can work from home, school, save money, go all out with whatever I need to do.

I was going to apply at Hooters…but I kinda am not into working under people. And most of the time girls don’t like me. LOL oh well fuck it.

Sooooo I thought I gained weight, but I actually lost. I bought some size 1 jeans from Hollister, and they are officially too big so I think I am now a size 0.

It’s cool, because I still have a handfull of ass.

I am soo happy I am blogging again. And doing camshows. Xrated or not. I still wanna be with you.

For those of you who keeps pondering..YES I DID CHOP OFF ALL MY HAIR. hahah its been two months!

HHMM you wonder where  I have been?

I was working at Fry’s Electronics in City of Industry. I was soooo happy being there. I was a little depressed, but staying productive and around people makes me happy. :]

He got my name tatted on his chest, and took me shopping for Christmas. Love is hard and it hurts, it’s easier to walk away. But you would always end up with nothing when you do that.


Working at Fry’s really humble me down. You have no idea…lol. I love to work hard.

I went out to SKAM’s Christmas party a few weeks ago. And I mentioned to someone I was moving to Mississippi, and they were just dogging me out like I am a loser.

First of all, you don’t know who I am, or what I am about. Nor what I am capable of.

I don’t have to prove anything to you, I am just doing me. :]

But if you have the balls to get up, move away, and start all over, WOULD YOU DO IT?

I did. And I can say I am sincerely happy with my decision.

I am in the middle of the country, and can easily fly to ALT, Miami, New York, Houston, Vegas or LA.

I am not missing out on anything that I haven’t already done.

I am tired of going to these clubs; who they think they are cool, but only in their own circle. Outside your circle you are just like anybody else.

I am tired of all my fake friends who always trying to put bullshit in my head, that I have a bad boyfriend. BUT I DON’T. Just because your boyfriend suck, don’t take that out on me.

I am tired of people taking advantage of me.

“Don’t compare yourself to someone else, because you would never know what they’ve gone through.”

I live a different life from you. So don’t compare yourself to me, because you would never fit my shoes.

It feels good to start all over.


  1. Delete certain “friends” out of my life.
  2. Blog every single day.
  3. School.
  4. Workout.
  5. Change phone number.
  6. Build up New Site LOVEKYANNA.COM
  7. Photoshoot, Photoshoot, Photoshoot.
  8. Be Happy.
  9. Love You Forever.

I wish I can write more, I will see you later? On my camshow? hehe. Thanks. Love you a whole bunch hunny bunny. MUAHZ

xoxo – kyky


One Response to “Dear Diary”

  1. shannonthecannon January 2, 2011 at 2:03 am #

    Damn sounds like a hole new you and positive to good for you and keep reaching your goals in life fuck what everyone else says your you and you only know yourself.oh and i did notis you chop off your hair its kool it will grow back as long as that someone can still grab the shit of it it’s love ya be strong stay true and like always i got ya back..much love and respect shannon

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