Photos x Kyanna in a towel

6 Jan


Anyways these are a few snapshots of me in a towel…

Waiting patiently for the video guy to come….(NOT PORN.)

To shoot the behind the scenes.

I will never work with this dumbass ever again, but the makeup artist and photographer is freakin awesome!

Anyways hope you guys enjoy!!!! MUAHZ

xoxo love you,


One Response to “Photos x Kyanna in a towel”

  1. Stephen January 7, 2011 at 12:52 am #


    Congratulations on your new life. I have been a fan since the very first time I saw you, but this is the first glimpse of your personal life I have seen (dunno why I searched on your name today … just more compulsive behavior I gotta deal with, I guess :-))

    Anyway, I have picked up and changed location, people, and occupation several times in my life and while it scared the shit out of me each time, I ended up better in every case … so I know what you’re going through, the good and the bad … just call it what it is … an advanture, and enjoy every bit of it.

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