26 Jan


As far as my relationship goes with Michael, we are together and had a bunch of made up sex…. >.< more than I would ever ask for. :T

I have so many good things planned this year, I am very excited to see things in motion.

I love Mississippi!!! I ❤ LA and I miss LA very much!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways…so if you read my blog on the crazy bitch Trisha…you would also see that see left a comment.

She loves all the attention she gets for it. MAN WHO CARES.

I am soooo happy! I am working out everyday, drinking a lot of water, STEELERS GOIN TO THE SUPERBOWL, crunches, shopping, planning out a lot lot lot lot of chaos this year!

Michael and I are starting something really dope…and I wanna let you in my secret…..soon. Not now, but soon.

I went comic book shopppppping YAYYYY and I got a few Wonder Woman and Birds of Prey. I want to see what I would like more. Since I am a first time buyer. haha.

We also went shopping for a bedset, why that was exciting haha not really. But I have been making some super bomb food lately.

And I think it’s because all of the good sex we been having lately. hehehhe.

I would love to write more, but I am gunna go get laid now. >.<

Hit me up tomorrow!!! I love you always and forever. muahhhhz.


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