9 Feb

I am sooooo happy.

I am excited for life, and in life, and my future.

It feels sooooo good to be myself lately.

Good NEWS!!! No more stalker XGF Trisha.

She did send me an email, with their conversations….but it’s all funny to me. Because it doesn’t really phase me, might actually be a turn on. But with a hot latin girl, or blonde white girl….yeah, blonde..hhmm. 😀

Anyways, so since I been putting myself and Michael on blast, I been getting different type of stalkers. SMH.

First of all, for you to even twist up my words, you would seriously have to read the whole blog to find 4 little words.

But then again you are not really smart, sending out viral emails, when in actuality, you just gave me more hits without me even trying, so thanks! :]] HA-HA.

It’s been a whole year, and stay true to your rumors, but don’t let me embarrass you, I have moved on to better and bigger things.

SO YES! Keep them viral emails coming, and talk shit all you want, I am HAPPY.

Keep checking up on my twitter, FB, blogs, BTW how’s everything on your end?

You are too busy in my shit, you forgot to take care of your own shit. Silly rabbit. >.~

Anyways, I been sick for a few weeks now. I am just not used to this weather, working out in short shorts, knee high socks, and sports bra is not such a good idea. :/

We been looking at lofts, I am so excited. I have so many projects coming up, I wish I can share more with you, but I can’t.


Man I love my life, hasn’t always been great but it’s always getting better and better. weeeeee.

BTW, I been sick; nauseous, headaches, cramps, mood swings, I’m lazy and might be pregnant. LOL I will keep you posted if I am or not. WHAT GREAT TIMING! jk.

I’m so close to going to schooooooooooool yes.

I love you and thanks for reading, sorry  if I broke some hearts….but I still love you, do you love me?

❤ KY

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