12 Feb

HIIIII, wow it’s been a crazy month and I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is already coming!!!!

I promised 27 people that I will send them a Valentine’s Day card…it’s nothing special…but I am gunna do it. Hopefully I can send it in time. 😀

Post Office opens on Saturday right??? I am not so sure…


So we were running errands all day, and we did not get much completed, because we just waited all day.

I am so proud of my little brother Bryan, he has changed so much. He has a job with my in-laws, and works so hard, and bought himself his iPod 4th Generation and got him a really really nice brandname bed.

And soon he will be getting a nice car, and buy himself nice things.

I used to spoil the shit out of him, kicks, clothes, cds, hats, money, phones. I am so glad I stopped, so now he can build his own.

I used to push him so hard, and in California wasn’t much for him out there. I love my little brother, as if he’s my own baby.

But he’s not my baby. So I should probably stop treating him like it.

Yesterday, we ran all types of errands, and picked up the little homie DJ Young Venom, he’s soooo talented. And he spins at the Radio Station out here in Jackson.

Since I haven’t been around any people, and I been around him and I share stories of when I was in LA, it sounds like I’m bragging but I am not. I just miss LA so much, and my old lifestyle so all I have is memories. Well until I go back to LA that is….and party it up again! lol

Until I go to school and have a social life again. I definitely want to work on school, and maybe cosmetology school too. I love the whole Kyanna thing…..but I am so young and I want to experience more in life, besides modeling and doing shows.

But I will tell you this, when I do get back into modeling and shows, I will go out and love it as much as I love meeting you.


AHHHH I am sooo hungry..hehe…hhmm?  Brunchtime?

Ky. ❤


  1. MasterGio February 12, 2011 at 5:41 pm #

    Happy V-day, Kyanna. I hope you have an amazing day. 🙂

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