20 Mar

Everyday, I think about you…


I’ll tell you a story. YES, this may take a little longer, but only if you want to hear me out.


I was working at the mall, at a shoe store, Robert Wayne in Montebello, CA. I LOVE LOVE SHOES, KICKS to be more exact. And if you remember me tweeting, I was always shopping while I was on shift lol. I ❤ my Manager she’s awesome.

I am so determined to get my boobs done, and pay for everything at my aunt’s and my mother’s house.  So I stripped and worked at a this part job.

It was cool, I love the commission at the job, and stripping I hate it. I felt like I need to do this to save money. AND FINALLY MAKING THINGS HAPPEN FOR MYSELF.

Party every weekend, (the weekend starts on Wednesdays) and work like everyday. I am soooooo focused and determined to keep it consistent. Since I dropped out of school again. FAWK MEEEEEE.

WOW I am freakin tired man. I work in the daytime and a few hours later I have to go to Orange County to dance and only make a few hundred a night. It’s a topless bar no full nude. Come home at 3 am and start all over again.

And back when myspace was cool, I keep on getting this emails from this very very attractive guy. He’s so hot. And such a sweetheart. I wonder why he wants to talk to me? SMH.



I remember he’s the same guy that’s hit me up a few months earlier. WOW he’s still trying to talk to me and hang out. GEEZ doesn’t he have a job or something??? GO AWAY!!!!!


I was under a lot of stress and I would like to start focus and be away from BOYS and THERE BULLSHIT, ewww you can keep your cooties. lol I KID.

In my mind, all I want to do is:


2. Work.

3. Strip

4. Porn



Cutting down on the partying and more on the stripping, he hits me up again, and would like to take me out.

One of girlfriends, knowing I probably need to spend time with someone and get some cock, pushed to go out with him. Well not really PUSHED me, ha. She did want me to start dating.

VERY Hesitant to go out with him, I even thought his profile was fake.

He picked me up, looked just like in the pictures. Tall, handsome, crystal blue eyes, beautiful body, dresses like a model. Oh yeah he is a model.

WOW, looking past his beautiful-ness, he’s so amazing.  Jullian puts his hand on my thigh, “Umm excuse me, I don’t know you can you put your hand somewhere else?” I said.

He is a total gentleman, but I paid for the movie tickets, since he came all the way from Hollywood just to see me last minute.

We were watching District 9. HAHA he’s so cute, he asked for a kiss, so I kissed him on the cheek.

As I was fixing myself on him, I felt a hard hard ?????? in his pants….UMMMMM UR NOT WEARING UNDERWEAR!!!!!!!


To Be Continued…

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