13 May

HEHE I haven’t blogged in so longggggggggg ahhhh ok.

Here are some tips I promised which worked out so well for me.


  • Do 30 minutes of cardio everyday. Running, walking, cycling, swimming, playing Wii, basketball, having sex…anything of that sort for 30 minutes. Try to push yourself a little harder each time. (PS-DON’T KILL YOURSELF.)
  • DRINK WATER!!!!!! And if you are a big party head like how I used to be; try to take it down a notch on the beer etc. NO JUICE or SODA. Just water. It’s another way of cleansing your body.
  • EAT HEALTHIER. I did not go on a super “starve myself diet” but I definitely changed what I eat. NO RED MEAT, it takes longer for your system to digest. Try to eat more fish, and chicken as protein. Have more fresh veggies and fruits as snacks. When I changed my diet, I couldn’t even finish eating an IN N’ OUT burger….WHICH I LOVED EVER SO MUCH!  Try to eat smaller portions of meals and snacks when you are hungry. NO FAST FOODS.
  • NO ENERGY DRINKS OR WORKOUT PILLS. OK I almost died twice…I was on Hydroxycut and I had so many emotional problems and it was all bad…..I WAS YELLING AT MY MANAGER AT WORK and FOUGHT WITH FRIENDS……seriously I wouldn’t advise anyone to take it. My heart was beating way too fast then it should. And I had so many Redbulls that I was crying under my table at a show…NOT A GOOD LOOK. If you need some kind of kick to work out…I always drink coffee…It’s more natural I think….My brother read somewhere in some health magazine that coffee was the best work out stimulate to use.
  • STAY PRODUCTIVE. Don’t just lay around or watch TV or stay on the internet so much…You should try to do more things like hang out with friends. Go hiking….find hobbies. Stay busy around the house. ETC.
  • POSITIVE THINKING. Don’t be so harsh on yourself. Don’t tell yourself negative things. If you don’t like your weight, then try to fix it. Slowly….there should always be a balance to everything. It will take time, so don’t give up on yourself! Try to set little goals for yourself and complete them. Keep it consistant and eventually you will see progess.
These are little tips that helped me out so much! I was a size 5, for a very long time…and then 3…and now 1. I am so proud of myself. My bf lost 30-40 pounds I think…but he looks great! I am so proud of him also. GOODLUCK TO YOU! AND I REALLY HOPED THIS HELPS!!!!

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