15 May


I noticed that my life has been such a bore since I been in MS…ahha sorry if ya’ll feel that way.

I am just so thankful to be alive and kicking. EVERYTHING IS GOING AS PLANNED.


Although my cat has been gone for a really long time, and the stupid apartment keeps on bullshitting with fixing the garbage disposal.


I cannot wait to get back to CA and get my hustle on! I am thankful for the friends that’s hooking me up with a job and a place to stay for three months. I am also excited to cook and smoke. Hella cool dudes. As cool as they are; is as geeky and party like no tomorrow. What an awesome combo. haha I love em. And they will definitely help take my comics and video games understanding to a whole other level.

FUCK DUDE, I fukkin love cosplay…its like Halloween everyday! I can’t wait to show you have I have in store as soon as my site launches. I am hoping to make you proud of me. Like I said before, I am investing in my own damn self.  Everything will be out of pocket.

After my site launches, I will definitely try to be in as many DUBSHOWS, Adult Shows, and Comic Shows as much as I can. Let’s hope I can make it a city near you! No seriously…well its gunna be all out pocket. I can’t really depend on people “hiring” me. Then again, why would you want to keep working under people? You should always want to work for yourself. Collabos and cross promo is ok…but you just have to be careful.

Working in the Adult Industry for 4-5 years on and off, really took myself away from my own reality. My priorities were fukked up, and it’s nobody’s fault, but my own. My only advice for upcoming stars: Make sure you have a solid gameplan, and stick to it.

I thought  I did so many movies, but I didn’t. I know that once I start promoting myself again, my old movies will be re-released and I will be on covers again. It always happen that way. That’s life. You can never change your past; only accept it, and make better decisions in the future.

The only thing I regret was I wished I had better guidance and a strong plan.

It was still fun tho, no doubt.



DUBSHOW – Las Vegas, NV

COMIC CON – Long Beach, CA

EXXXOTICA – New Jersey, NJ

ADULTCON – Los Angeles, CA ( I will definitely do!)

I don’t have the dates on these shows, because the paper is in the living room and I’m too lazy to get it….wack. haha what its Sundayyyy leave me alone! 😛

PS- All the shows I am trying to do really depends on my school schedule. Which is my number one priority shauuuuuuuuu. 😀

Oh ANDDDDD when I come back from CA, I am working on a mixtape weeeeeeeeeee. How exciting!!!!!

love ya fukker,


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