DEAR DIARY x ME [Part 1]

2 Jun

Hey there!

AGAIN, I know it’s been awhile.

But I am very excited to announce that I will be officially launching my site, LOVEKYANNA.COM in mid JULY!!! WEEEEE

I am taking two months to build up really cool content for my fans to see. I hope you like it. And my “DEAR DIARY” will also be on my membership part of the site. I don’t plan on charging you a lot. I plan on keeping things simple and make the best of it. I am not into making a fuck load of money off of you. I wish to tell you  a LOT of my dirty secrets. I want to open up my world to you. Maybe you would understand me better and why I am the way I am.

A few reasons why I am determined to make my blog a pay-fansite is because…I have stalkers on FACEBOOK, BLOGS, and TWITTER. Another reason is someone really smart, takes my photos off of this blog; and when you click on it, all of a sudden you have a virus. WHICH REALLY SUCKS. My last reason is..people come on my blog…to try to talk shit to me and then go away. AND THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN. I am thinking like geez, I share my photos and blogs with you, and I really don’t have to. AND I DON’T NEED YOU TO LIKE ME. LOL Sorry I have way more important things to do than to impress you.

You would think I would have guys stalking me right? No, fuck no. I have girls…GEEZ. And for me to beat them at their own game, I have to think like them. Eventually I became the crazy one.

I will tell you a few stories.





Dear Diary,


I was with Annie Cruz…and randomly a homie hit me up to go to Soul Assassins Studio..for a radio show…I have NO IDEA who they are. I was working Henny Lounge at the time…I was going to start hosting their Tuesday night show.  U know me, I am fukkin random. Sorry I don’t really think before doing anything. FUCK IT.

So I met him…He’s tall, he’s sooooooo cute. He looks so sweet, and he has big droopy eyes. I don’t even know his name..he walked us in, I said, “i have to pee, got a restroom?”

We were chilling there…for a while…and I met everyone..Seems like no one wants us around..And in my head I’m soooooooo HORNY…not to fuck him, but to fuck a booty call that I been wanting……….ER.

OK STILL WAITING…AND SEEMS LIKE NO ONE REALLY LIKES US…OK we have to go now…..Annie and I texting each other..

Then he comes to me and asked..well at least have a drink.

I really didn’t want to bc I really want to get laid…because its been a while and I’m super overdue.

UHHHH I said ok…Can you just get me a small Patron? I don’t want to be an inconvience than I already am….

My homie finally came…and I just don’t get it…Like I don’t know who these people are. I was just cool with them…or just trying keep cool.

HAHA umm we were trying to leave.

He came back with a whole bottle of Patron…and then I felt bad like…no u didn’t have to. FUCK DUDE…I guess we are going to have to finish this bottle as much as we can….ugh!!! I am trying to get some cock here… :[

Ok so I guess we got super wasted…started to give lap dances…and table dances…I AM TRYING TO FEED EVERYONE PATRON…HELLO?!?

Annie licked my pussy on the outside of my daisy dukes. LOL weeeee.

I was sooooo going to let her fuck the shit of me…so we were trying to leave. For some reason I end up on top of him.

Please let me remind you…This was all during the show…live broadcasting…SHEESH. LOL.

Gosh it felt so nice to be on someone…I never let myself just be on a person. I felt like I loved him. Just looking at him made me smile. It made me want to know everything about him. It made want to be with him forever…wow I just may be super drunk and dellusional.

I thought I was going home to Annie…but I ended up with Michael instead.

We were so wasted I guess Annie left to do her own thing. I think she knew I didn’t get cock for a while, maybe because I was always complaining.

Everyone else left…and it was just us two…and it was so cute…talking, hugging, cuddling, wow. I LOVE YOU.

And then I threw up in the back restroom….and I had to wash my mouth, and I am so embarrassed. He was so sweet and took care of me. And took care of me downstairs too. 😛

I think when you give someone passionate head…wow it really gets a girl going. But he couldn’t fuck me…he was so not hard……sigh.

We took a shower, and left…he took me to his house. He’s sweet.

I woke up in his arms…dam it felt really good. I ended up opening up my world to him. He seemed like such a nice guy. We ended up having crazy mad sex FINALLY. I would do anything to feel that spark again.

We ate, and he’s talking me home.

At last the fantasy, and my first real one night stand is over.

(I think it’s because I understand why people have one nighters, dang its just sex, grow up.)

Some reason, we talked to each other all day..and I liked him, I don’t know where this is going, but he ended up making me dinner that night at my house.

We just ended up being with each other everyday…all the time. And I am amazed. I never thought I could let myself love someone new. I know deep in my heart I will always be in love with Jullian. RIP.

I am very excited….to have him in my life. And I wish we would stay like this forever…but true colors come out when you least expect it…

**The next blog will be about a few stalkers, hooker, Facebook, someone cheats, and a crazy xgf**



3 Responses to “DEAR DIARY x ME [Part 1]”

  1. Jason Kim June 3, 2011 at 8:15 pm #

    🙂 Sounds like you had a blast! I had chills reading your day experience.

  2. Mike Last June 5, 2011 at 12:57 am #

    You are a great writer, really enjoy it…!

  3. Jason Baker June 10, 2011 at 6:34 am #

    Hi Kyanna just wanted to ask how much are u going to charge on ur new site take care

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