8 Aug

hahah wowwwww

I am sooooo freakin sorry!!!

HAHA…I am sooooo excited weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I start school next week…I have to start training myself to wake up early in the morning…haha I think I am still on CA time….or maybe I am just a lazy ass person who likes to sleep until 10 am. 😛

I HOPE…no one in school recognizes me…I just want to go to school to focus in school. And work on my off time.

I am working very hard to make things happen this year. FOR MYSELF..with no one’s help. But I know I have many supporters..MUCH LOVE YOU YA! >_____<

I was finally able to accept "friends" help…but NOW I UNDERSTAND, they only wanted to "help me" for their agenda. WHICH is very kinvelping. (KIN-NIV-ING) whatever..I am not a dictionary..or don't have any patience to google it. WORD.

ANYWAYS…Things have been super awesome!!! Andddddddddd NO ONE CAN STOP ME…MUAHAHAHAHAHA….*thinking of a Masterplan.

Debating whether I should furnish my room or not…OH YEAH..My little brother, Bryan, has left to California. AYE- I miss him. But he stresses me out. I can only wish the best for him. I cannot babysit him anymore. PLUS I don't think he understood the help he had. And now he's gone. GL! ❤ Big Little Sister.

HEHEHE I got his old room. -I mean I am almost married, and please don't my other half…but sometimes I just need MY SPACE…no not the social network..But I just need somewhere I am ok to be the old me. I miss her…ok bye.

SO THERE!!! BLAH BLAH BLAH! oh yeahhhhh I am hyper. CAN YOOH TELL?! 0________o


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