9 Aug

OH MANNN what a day and morning…


Last night I did a show…well I did TWO SHOWS…because I had an appointment at 10 pm PST, which is 12 am CST…damn these time differences are really screwing with me! ARG!

I tried to stay up and I just couldn’t..actually I was extremely tired!! And I HATE, if I gave sucky shows. NO NO NO.

So I went to go lay down…and then Michael hits me in the eyeball and he was fukkin asleep…he didn’t even wake up to check up on me. SO I said forget it! I am going to sleep in the other room. ERRRR

That shit hurts…my eye was crying for 3 minutes…(probably 30 seconds in normal time.)

So its now one…and I am finally going to sleep, with one eye.

Now it’s time to drop Michael off, and he walked Nabi and that little shithead decides to run into the miniature forest…and would not come out…For 18 whole minutes, we kept on calling him..NABI NABI NABI…I feel bad for the neighbors, and it’s dark…Michael is going through all these Trees and large bushes with thorns. When we found him, he was just standing there looking at us the whole time…WHAT A DICK!!!

Still mad at Michael because my eyeball hurts.

I dropped him off to his truck, and I guess he was late.

And I come home..and then I couldn’t sleep until 7 am. THEN WOKE UP AT 11, I think.

NOWWWWWW going to look for flowers for Michael’s mom because she is flying in today! YAY! this is the first time I will meet her.

I am super hungry…

I will vent more late, but see ya for now!


One Response to “DEAR DIARY”

  1. Bill (@dillapp21) August 10, 2011 at 8:04 am #

    Sounds like you had a rough day, Kyanna. Hope it got better for you. How’s the eye, blinky? Jk, hon. 🙂

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