17 Aug

WOW, Life is truly amazing.

I am grateful and thankful for all the experiences I have had in my life.

This past weekend was awesome. I was in the countryside of the state. I had NO RECEPTION, NO INTERNET, (NO FACEBOOK OR TWITTER).

I thought I was going to DIE!!!! But I didn’t I lived. hehe.

I spent time with Michael’s mom, and grandparents. I am very happy that they accepted me because I am not white.

It’s crazy you know? I am a total CA, LA girl. I am used to a bunch of different people, and friends. Racism is around but you never know how it felt until you are totally out of your comfort zone.

Now I know how it feels to be frowned or looked down on. His family was totally open minded and wonderful to me. The town, haha was not to so much.

I am probably the only asian person they have ever seen in their life. And it’s hard not to hate, when someone is hating on you. But I always put a smile on my face, although I did find myself wanting to say shit. I KNOW I AM MORE RESPECTFUL than that. I respect Michael’s mom, and his grandparents. I don’t care too much of everyone else because they don’t really matter to me.

I also went to church with them, and most “folks” are friendly. But I think they were trying to be polite because of PAWPAW, Michael’s grandfather. Little girls are mad-dogging me. LOL, dang dude it’s 2011.

My mom went to adult school and LBCC, she had white friends, Indian friends, actually my godmother is Mexican. I came from a diversed family.. obviously my mother is a lesbian. And her lesbian doesn’t like me…then again that’s another story.

I had so much fun!!! I got to fed 7 beagles. They are hunting dogs. They hunt jackrabbits with PawPaw.

Butters got loose and ran around like crazy until the morning the first night we were there.

Nabi usually bites everyone, but he ended up being in love with Granny and PawPaw.

There is a creek, with two cabins PawPaw built right next to it! I wished we could go canoeing or kayaking but we didn’t have enough time. 😦 (MAYBE IN TWO WEEKS!!!!)

Taking myself away from reality for this past weekend was great. Finding myself more and more. And I fell in love with Michael again.

Had a very long talk with Michael’s mom, and now we have a better understanding of each other. I love her, she’s a total sweetheart, and she’s really crafty like how I want to be. HAHA.

Someone abandoned a pretty white and blue cat by the creek. It had half a tail, so I really wanted a cat. His aunt was nice and said I can have it.

So we took him and I called him Zeb..hehe I don’t know why. But he’s wayyyyy cooler than Baby. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

Life is beautiful. The good and the bad.

PS- School has started………. and hopefully my cheeks didn’t show because I had daisy dukes on… >_______<


One Response to “DEAR DIARY : BEAUTIFUL”

  1. Gregg August 20, 2011 at 9:17 pm #

    Makes me smile to see you happy! Marley always said don’t worry about a thing…everything is going to be alright!
    God bless, and take care always!
    Oh, and you are so beautiful w/ the nicest ass in the world! πŸ™‚

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