22 Aug

WOW my laptop is so effing slow…shit, just kill me now!

I got all sexy to get down on my camshow…and guess what? its too slow, and I look retarded in the frames that the laptop catches of me.

ANYWAYS…School is like whatever…I guess I can get used to doing homework..and stuff….It is not that hard. It is about just get it done. SIMPLE right?

Man I have been extra horny lately, I don’t know why…I just am..




Life is truly amazing…and my cat is so awesome too. He is funny, and actually comes to me to be petted. He even rubs against Butters, the giant pitbull.

Nabi, the shih tzu, bit me last night. On the nose. He slashed me, and I was bleeding a lot. What an angry guy….don’t know what to do about him..

Love is like….a box of chocolate. *Forest Gump voice* You will never know what you get. 🙂

OK…gunna start on my zillion HW now. OK BYEE.




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