16 Sep

You know, I always try to be nice.

And sometimes being “nice” always get me shitted on.

Whether it’s my so called family, or little girls in school.

I guess I will start off with the girls in school. OK…so I don’t dress like a bum to school. And yes I may stand out a little more, because I don’t wear Tshirts and track shorts to school.

They wear Tshirts and shorts, and makeup to school. ????

I hardly wear any makeup….unless I am working (on STREAMATE) or going out…I don’t really wear makeup. I am lazy…but I do like to put outfits together and go “Yeah, that’s cute.” I AM A GIRLY GIRL. I ALSO LIKE SPORTS and NERDSHIT but overall I AM GIRLY.

I guess because I don’t wear makeup or I am so nice…these little girls think I am their age..and they come off as bitches…but u know what YOUR LIFE SUCKS, don’t blame it out on me.  :T

I am happy with where I am in life and who I become. I experienced alot in my life good drama and bad. I DON’T GIVE A FUCK. And I probably have a higher GPA than you.


1. I have a natural 32C.

2. I run 3.5-5 miles 3-4 days out the week.

3. I study hard.

4. I am good at sex and blowjobs.

5. I like to have not boring outfits.


You cannot possibly hate me, because I am good at a lot of things I do, wait yes you can. BUT honestly I am too old to deal with your little girl bullshit. My LITTLE BROTHER is OLDER THAN YOU.


Found my brother tweak pipes.*heart shatters YOU ARE DEAD TO ME. We got him a place, a job, and even feed him and shit. I really regret bringing him. He takes everything for granted. So then I call my mom.

And I think she’s even worse then him. She hides her relationship with me, because she doesn’t want to upset her lesbian.1-2 minute conversations turn to 25 seconds long.

I have no respect for these people. I don’t have any direct family. I consider myself an orphan, a loner. A loser. I will try my hardest to be better than this.

I smile on the outside, but inside, I am darker than black.

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