DEAR DIARY : ?___?

17 Sep


hahha anyways. SO I WATCHED STAR WARS!!!! I only watched Episodes VI-VI…I THINK…And I also watched Esposide I. hehehheeheh. I never understood why everyone was so into Star Wars or even watch Family Guy Star Wars and I would never understand the jokes B_E_C_A_U_S_E I never watched it UNTIL NOW…DOYYY………..hehe Anyways I loved it. Everyone always talk about the changes blah blah…but I never seen the orginal..or remastered bc I don’t know which one’s which. sorry. :T (I assume the one with less puppets and costumes are the orginal…)

I am a full time student, and school isn’t hard. It really is about doing the work, understanding the content and turning all HW to the instructors. :T Yeah I know right???? It just sounds easy when I say it like that. But if you think about it…’s all easy. You just can’t be lazy and not do it. hehe.

I think next week I will start two jobs. You think I will be doing too much??? I don’t know but I will still do camshows. I back on grindmode. I am determined to get a BMW by the end of this year. We already got approved for one. But I think I want to get one on my OWN. :p

Damm my ADD kicked in and now I really have to study TTYL PEACE.

One Response to “DEAR DIARY : ?___?”

  1. mastergio September 17, 2011 at 4:42 pm #

    congrats on the two jobs! 🙂
    Glad you saw Star Wars. i understand you don’t know about the changes. it’s all cool. Empire Strikes Back is my fav and one of my fav movies of all time!

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