19 Oct

Mannnn so much moving today! Yayyyy!

And to the apartments we lived in, u get a BIG FUCK YOUUUU. And a smile. 🙂

Things have truly changed for me! I bought myself the new iPhone 4S (in white of course). I cannot want to get the gameboy cover! Haha weeeee.

I officially have a Dyson vacuum. It’s purple, my favorite color.

We are moving in a two bedroom house with a huge backyard for Butters, my loving pit bull. 😀

I got an LED Samsung tv! And I finally get to use my blu ray player! It’s so awesome. Connected to a Bose surround system.

I have a cute desk that I always wanted.

You see, when I left CA, we donated everything. So I had to buy everything fresh again.

My grades are getting better, well I had one F maybe it would be a C by now. Lol.

My birthday is in a few weeks or in a week. Yay happy birthday to me.

Thanks for checking up on me! ❤ YOU Kyanna

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