10 Jan

hey mannnn what’s upppp. :p

School started today!! YAY! I know…BOOOOOOO…well not for me! I am thrilled to be in school to get my education on, and make this learning experience least boring as possible! Going to school is easier than real life…meaning, jobs that are hard work. Then again, hard work truly pays off, depending on who you are working for..YOURSELF, or YOUR BOSS, ORRRRRR maybe you can be YOUR OWN BOSS *puts cool glasses on.

Some people will either get what I am saying or….they don’t. (You can have a boss, just know you are working for YOU or him…for example are you planning to be under him/her/it forever…or are you trying to take his job? Are you going to be the best worker for YOU or FOR HIM?HER?IT? I mean, it’s cool to have job under somebody I guess. But! I think some Americans are lazy or maybe society just want you to work under someone else for the rest of your life.) Maybe America wants you to be fat, and lazy, and brainwash you by educating you on who’s JLO is fucking, or how fake the Kardashian’s wedding was…maybe America, NO ONE CARES…LOL who knows??? I am not going to live my life they way someone else want me to LIVE IT…IT’S MY LIFE!!!! I wake up every single day and do what I want! I think that’s how everything should be! Can’t waste time anymore!!!

I love my life, and I love all the good and the bad. pew. Things are going great! I love it! AND I LOVE YOUUUUU MUAHHHHZZZZ U mean so much to me and you don’t even know it.

xoxoxoox kyanna beans

One Response to “DEAR DIARY”

  1. nolilclo January 10, 2012 at 2:17 am #

    Ms Beans.. Being self employed has its advantages, YOU control everything ,YOU say when it’s quitting time YOU decide how long lunch is YOU make every minute count YOU can give yourself a raise( my fav) I AGREE 110% that toidays workers are lazy for the most part, .terrible work ethics not like our rents or grandrents they knew the value of a buck and worked their asses off to keep it i dont know you personally (yet) but i can tell by just chatting with you a bit that you have drive and will be very successful cause YOU are the boss .. good luck in School ..see ya 😀

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